Rest assured that your PRTBL products are covered by our manufacture limited warranty, and even better, we include accidental discount coverage at no additional cost. If for some reason the product doesn’t fall under our warranty or we can’t fix the problem, we will resell you the same product for at least 50% off the MSRP Price on most products.

FLO 510
The Best Reusable 510 Cartridge For Flavor & Reliability for your oil.
discount code: TRYFLO

Why Switch To Reusable Cartridges?

Save the Earth with one last single use cartridge. Our Cartridges can be used 5 - 8 times before it goes bad limiting landfill

Why Use Reusable Cartridges?

Quality of heating core and hardware you can trust with your expensive oil that will not let you down.

Why Choose PRTBL?

Ultra High Quality

At PRTBL, we use only the highest quality materials to give you products with a superior look and feel

Based out of The Bay Area, California

we have worked in the cannabis industry for 15+ years.

Designed by People You Know & Trust

All of our products are designed and tested by people who actually use them, not by board members in suits.



BEST 510 BATTERY NANDO won’t find many that are as high quality or as thoughtfully designed as the PRTBL Nando

Versed Vaper

It is sleek, modern, and portable, and it was a conversation starter anywhere I walked

Vape Guide

The PRTBL Nando is an exceptionally well-built 510-thread battery. Its premium design and build quality are among the best we’ve tried.

Vaping Vibe

Presentation is everything, and the people at PRTBL are tapped into this sentiment

Dab Connection


PRTBL was born through the ambition and desire for innovative cannabis hardware. Based out of San Jose, California, we have worked in the cannabis industry for 15+ years. We understood that in order to be successful we needed to take a step back and examine the entire process, from product development, to logistics, to product packaging, and finally the consumer experience. We spent countless hours in R&D to create the best products possible and to bring innovation where innovation was needed while leaving what works alone. All of our products were created with the user in mind and we accomplished this by listening to feedback we receive from real every day users, not just some suits sitting around a table deciding what’s best for you. We strive to bring you cutting edge technology packaged in a sleek and modern design.


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PRYSM The Most Advanced Pen Style 510 Vape Battery

PRYSM The Most Advanced Pen Style 510 Vape Battery

Introducing the PRTBL PRYSM 510 Battery Coming Fall 2023 : Enhance Your Vaping Experience Experience vaping at its finest with the PRTBL PRYSM 510 Battery. Meticulously designed and packed with cut...

Ultimate 420 PIPE x LIGHTER Combo

Ultimate 420 PIPE x LIGHTER Combo

The Burner with a Toker Pipe Combo is an ideal accessory for smokers who value convenience and functionality. This all-in-one tool combines a lighter and a stylish toker pipe, providing an outstan...

The Most innovative 510 Battery of 2023

The Most innovative 510 Battery of 2023

Easy to use, unbelievably powerful, and designed to let you consume concentrates like never before. Welcome to Nando by PRTBL, an innovative and robust 510 vaporizer that will replace your...


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How Did 420 Start?

How Did 420 Start?

420 is a term that is widely associated with marijuana use, particularly in the United States. The origins of the term are somewhat shrouded in mystery, with many different theories and stories abo...

How do they make distillate ?

How do they make distillate ?

THC distillate is a highly concentrated form of cannabis oil that is made using a process called short path distillation. Here are the steps involved in making THC distillate:1. Extraction: The fir...

How to mix terpenes with distillate?

How to mix terpenes with distillate?

Mixing terpenes with distillate is a popular way to enhance the flavor and aroma of cannabis concentrates. Here are the steps to mix terpenes with distillate:1. Choose your terpenes: Select the ter...