The Most innovative 510 Battery of 2023

The Most innovative 510 Battery of 2023

Easy to use, unbelievably powerful, and designed to let you consume concentrates like never before. Welcome to Nando by PRTBL, an innovative and robust 510 vaporizer that will replace your old lousy 510 stick battery and leave you feeling like you have it all. With four (4) selectable power modes, haptic and light feedback, USB-C quick charging and error sensing technology the Nando looks and feels all new while still giving you that familiar sensation of the incredibly reliable 510 technology you know and love.

No complicated setup processes, simply remove it from the box, power up and go. 700 mAH of incredibly efficient battery power gives you the confidence you need in your battery to last throughout the day and even throughout the week.

Working perfectly with all of your 510 cartridges top and bottom airflow, simply attach the adapter to the end of the cartridge, slide it in the chamber of the device, power up and go.

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